'Gold Logie' Changed to 'White Logie', to Ensure Sonia Kruger Doesn’t Feel Uncomfortable — The Shovel

‘Gold Logie’ Changed to ‘White Logie’, to Ensure Sonia Kruger Doesn’t Feel Uncomfortable

Acknowledging that the Gold Logie trophy does have a brownish tinge, organisers made a last-minute decision last night to re-recolour Australia’s top TV award white, to make sure winner Sonia Kruger did not feel threatened.

Kruger, who in 2019 was found by a tribunal to have made vilifying remarks about Muslims and has previously called for an end to Muslim Immigration because it makes her feel unsafe, was voted Australia’s most popular TV personality.

“We know that, as a mother, Sonia wants to feel safe. We just felt an all-white Logie was more appropriate,” a spokesperson for the award said.

Former Hey Hey It’s Saturday host Daryl Somers presented Kruger with the award, calming her nerves by apparently whispering a joke about Kamahl as the two embraced on stage.

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