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Baby Kicks Comedian Out of Playpen

The internet is divided on who is in the right, after a baby kicked a stand-up comedian out of its playpen yesterday.

The comedian allegedly broke into a comedy routine, distracting the baby’s attempts to chew the wheels off a toy truck. The baby in question, Asher, attempted to crawl away from the comedian, but when he continued to make gags, things escalated. Asher began crying and slapping the comedian’s shoe until he removed himself from the area.

People are split on whether the child did the right thing. A representative for Asher said that this is just what babies are like and that the comedian should never have been let into the playpen in the first place. They went on further to say that there are clear instructions on the box stating the pen is suitable for kids under 5.

“It’s very distracting,” one observer said. “The babies need to be able to focus on putting things in their mouth without being interrupted by a comedian’s so-called quips.”

“Playpens are no place for a comedian.” Wrote one Facebook user. “The comedian’s parents should know better.”

Others defended the comedian, saying “It’s a comedian’s right to be able to do a routine wherever they like. Babies should be able to handle it.”

The comedian has since been doing the rounds on morning radio and TV shows. Ironically, one news anchor had to ask the comedian to refrain from making jokes during the chat as it was distracting from the interview.

When asked for comment, Asher responded by spewing onto her onesie.


By Simon Taylor

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