Musk Renames Twitter ‘5318008’, Which Spells ‘Boobies’ When You Turn It Upside-Down — The Shovel

Musk Renames Twitter ‘5318008’, Which Spells ‘Boobies’ When You Turn It Upside-Down

A day after renaming Twitter ‘X’, Elon Musk has gone a step further, updating the social media platform’s name to ‘5318008’, which he says is a very clever joke that not everyone will get.

“Most people will think that 5318008 is just a set of random numbers or some sort of coding thing. But the hilarious thing about this name is that when you turn it upside-down, get this … it spells …. oh my god I can’t even say it it’s so funny. It spells … are you ready? ….haha! It’s spells out …. Boobies!! As in boobs! ” Musk said in tears of laughter.

“It’s very, very funny and incredibly clever too. The five-year-old son of someone I know actually came up with it, but I’m going to claim it as my own”.


Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino was tasked with updating users and shareholders, and making it sound like a sophisticated, thought-through strategy.

She Tweeted: ‘X’ has already had a massive impact on the way we think about technology. Today we go a step further in realising Elon Musk’s vision for a truly integrated, world-leading platform. Today we are renaming ‘X’ to 5318008 which, when you turn it upside-down, spells ‘BOOBIES’.

Musk also confirmed that a fart sound would be made every time someone tweets. “I’m a very, very funny guy. People really like me,” he said.

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