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Moira Deeming Narrowly Avoids Promotion

Controversial Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming has only just avoided being promoted to a senior shadow ministry after she organised a right-wing rally attended by Nazis.

Following a marathon party room meeting, it was decided that a warning was the preferred option for now. But senior figures within the party have not ruled out further repercussions, saying a tilt at the leadership was possible if she continued down her current path.

“By associating with fringe groups, promoting hatred and alienating mainstream Victorian voters, Ms Deeming has come dangerously close to embodying the core principles of the modern Liberal Party. If we see behaviour like this again we will not hesitate to put her forward for a much more senior role within the party,” a spokesperson for the party’s right wing said.

Asked for comment, Liberal leader John Pesutto said, “It was a tough call actually – a very narrow choice between inaction or promotion. When all is said and done, we’re happy with the outcome and believe we’re now stronger as a party.”


Headline by Adam Reakes

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