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Quick Shop Costs $180

A quick trip down to Coles to pick up a few bits and pieces has come in at just under $200, it has been revealed.

Sydney woman Josie Dobson told her partner she was just popping down to the shops to get a couple of things they forgot and ended up dropping a day’s salary.

“I just grabbed some milk, a carton of eggs, a capsicum and some washing powder, scanned them at the self check-out, and then called over the assistant to tell him that the machine had got the decimal point in the wrong spot,” Dobson explained.

“Turns out it hadn’t got the decimal point in the wrong spot and we now need to take out a second mortgage on our home, which is tricky because we don’t own it,” she explained. “Lucky I forgot to get shavers, otherwise the bill would’ve pushed seven figures”.

Dobson said she had learnt her lesson and would not be silly enough to eat food or wash her clothes from now on.

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