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Dad Has Nokia Charger From 1998 if You Need It

There’s a charger for a Nokia 5110 available, if you’re looking for a spare, your Dad has announced.

“It’s right in there in the box next to the old Zip drive and the VGA monitor cable,” he advised, adding that you might need to dig below the six headphone jack-to-RCA cords to find it. “While you’re there, can you check that the cable for the dot matrix printer we got rid of in 1995 is still there?”

Quizzed on why he still had a mouse from 2001, Dad said it was just in case the mouse on his new laptop stopped working and he could somehow find a way to connect a 20 year-old PS2 pin cable to a Thunderbolt port. 

“You know what it’s like – as soon as you throw out the cord that connected your iPod to your PowerBook you’ll find you actually need a lightening cable. I think it’s better to keep things like this”.

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