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Your definitive guide to the horses most likely to be shot after today’s big race

The race that stops a nation has a history of stopping horses’ hearts. Follow this definitive guide to make the most of your bet and win big after these fantastic beasts are pushed to the point of exhaustion and death.

  1. Yucatan

    With zero deaths from 24 starts, Yucatan has proved that she’s definitely a stayer. Too strong to die this time.

  2. Magic Circle

    Ireland has brought out the big guns with Magic Circle for this year’s race. Time will tell whether they’ll bring out the little gun after it.

  3. Best Solution

    Best Solution is the reigning champ of the prestigious Caulfield Cup, but is yet to be put down on the biggest stage of them all. Many think that this race might be the one to finally push him to inevitable injury and death.

  4. Rostropovich

    European horse Rostropovich has performed well on the international circuit, but has been unable to go that bit further and get killed after any significant race. This brings him to Australia’s legendary race where, with any luck, this European outsider can finally find peace after a life of whipping and torture on racetracks the world over.

  5. Who Shot Thebarman

    No-one yet. But now in its fourth Melbourne Cup, the odds that we’ll find out just keep getting better.

  6. Nakeeta

    Having run the Melbourne Cup before with disappointing results, it is unlikely that Nakeeta will perform any better this year, which ups his odds of getting killed after the race significantly. Put this one down.

    By Martin Ingle 

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