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The 2018 Shovel Annual Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

The 2018 Shovel Annual

It was the year that our Deputy Prime Minister confessed he’d been drunk for the past 18 months, our biggest bank admitted it was collecting fees from dead people, and Peter Dutton tried, but failed, to count to 43. Twice.

A year this momentous needs careful, thoughtful analysis. Instead, The Shovel has teamed up with The Chaser to create a 132-page ‘two-in-one’ Annual – it’s the definitive guide to understanding what the hell happened in 2018.

Look out for:

  • The illustrated children’s story ‘Barnaby Joyce and The Big Mean Media Monster’
  • “How I got my teeth whitened just like the caveman” – Pete Evans’ back-to-basic tips
  • An analysis of the day that vacuous, self-obsessed reality TV star met with Kim Kardashian in the White House
  • A clarification about The Shovel’s $444 million government grant
  • Tips for coping with the single-use shopping bag ban and other life-changing crises
  • Our urgent humanitarian appeal to help French au pairs in need
  • Advertising features from Facebook, Commonwealth Bank and Channel 10’s The Bachelor
  • A handy front-cover image to remind you who Australia’s current Prime Minister is

It’s the perfect stocking filler for both your friends and enemies.

Get a signed copy, plus loads of other stuff, by becoming a Shovel Gold Member.

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