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Become A Shovel Member!


We’re excited to launch a new membership program for The Shovel.

This is a chance for you to chip in to help support the ongoing wellbeing of the site (and help us pay for an interview with Barnaby Joyce).

Your support will help us do more stuff, and improve the quality of our jokes.

The thing is, Facebook likes are great, but unfortunately they can’t be used to pay for groceries. We tried. It was awkward.

There are three membership levels to choose from, each with a range of different perks – like a Tony Abbott memorial bumper sticker, and signed copies of The Shovel Annual.

Supporting The Shovel is cheap. Subscriptions to other satirical websites like The Australian cost way more.

Don’t worry, everyone will still be able to access the majority of our articles for free.

So if you’ve enjoyed reading The Shovel, or even if you haven’t, consider becoming a member. It costs as little as $3 a month – the cost of a cup of coffee, or Google’s tax bill last year. You won’t even notice it.



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