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Government Announces $26 Billion Investment in Gas-Fired Wind Turbines

The Labor Government has announced a multi-billion-dollar investment in natural-gas powered renewal energy, which it says is a clear signal of how seriously it takes climate change.

Under the plan, 10,000 new wind turbines will be built, powered by the opening of 650 new gas fields.

“We need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, which is why we’re increasing our investment in fossil fuels,” Resources Minister Madeleine King explained today.

She said the plan delivered on Labor’s commitment to giving the impression it was doing something about climate change. “We’ve always said we’re serious about renewable energy, and this new plan certainly has the appearance of being serious about renewable energy,” she said.

Critics of the plan have pointed out that the turbines do not need to be powered by gas, given they are powered by wind. But King said that just showed some people do not understand the science.

“The science on this is actually quite clear. Fossil fuel donations pass through the atmosphere into the major parties and is then reflected back via an increase in policies favourable to fossil fuel companies. The link is undeniable. There’s data on this stretching back decades”.

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