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Landlords Immediately Raise Rents by $300 a Year

Property investors around Australia say their unanimous snap decision to raise rents by precisely $300 per year, has nothing to do with the Government’s $300 cost of living payment, announced in last night’s budget.

“It’s totally a coincidence,” one landlord said. “Although, even if it wasn’t, the $300 is allocated per household, and that property is my house, so I think it’s best I hang onto that”.

Another landlord said the two things weren’t related. “Is the fact that my tenants will all of a sudden have an extra $300 cash linked to my decision this morning to raise their annual rent by $300? Of course not. How absurd”.

The move has caused a mixed response within the government with Treasurer Jim Chalmers responding to outraged parties with a hearty shrug. “Well these cost of living pressures aren’t only for the riff raff. I’m only getting 9K off my tax and one $300 payment which barely covers the money I lost on my investments. Renters just don’t know how hard it is to own multiple properties”.

Labor has also announced a bold new plan to harvest renters’ outrage in order to ‘turn Australia into a renewable superpower’.


By Shane Murphy 

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