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Albos’ Evicted Tenant Offered Free Accommodation at Manus Island

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has denied claims he treated his tenant unfairly by evicting him, saying he made a very generous offer of free accommodation in one of the Government’s ‘tropical serviced apartments’.

Home affairs Minister Claire O’Neill said it was standard procedure to offer low-income earning vulnerable people the special accommodation option if they bothered the Government enough. “It’s a great option. They’re fully catered, very secure, in a great community of like-minded people. But mainly just very secure,” she said.

The PM also spoke out on the issue. “This reminds me of when my mother and I grew up in public housing. I know she’d want me to have the option to give people a home, but of course she was never a landlord so she doesn’t know how hard it is to manage a property … or properties in my case.

“I’ve spoken to the nice folks at Ray White and we think this is the best possible outcome. Mr Flanagan will have plenty of people to get along with who also aren’t happy with the Government.

He said the conditions on Manus were great. “A lot of people say the facilities on Manus are barely liveable, which makes them better than most rentals in Sydney”.

Mr Flanagan is expected to receive his complimentary removal service this afternoon.


By Shane Murphy 

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