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Family to Use $300 Budget Rebate to Buy Block of Coles Cheese

The Ellis family from Melbourne says the unexpected $300 windfall announced in last night’s budget is a game-changer, and will allow them to finally purchase their first 1kg block of Tasty Coles home brand cheese.

“We’ve been saving up for a deposit on a 500g block for a few years now. But this new cash injection from the Government should allow us to buy a 1kg block outright. We’re pinching ourselves,” Chloe Ellis, 35 explained.

“Having your own block of cheese really is the Australian dream. The kids are really excited. Phoebe has never had cheese before,” she said.

With the $300 rebate coming in four $75 payments over 12 months, rather than a single lump sum, the family may need to wait a while until they take possession of the cheese. “We’re hoping that maybe a bank will lend us the money so we can get the cheese now and pay it off over the coming year. Fingers crossed,” Ellis said.

She laughed off suggestions the family might save up for a branded cheese such as Bega or Mainland Tasty. “Come on, we’re not living in Toorak”.

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