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Same-Sex Parenting Book to Be Removed From Public Libraries

A day after a Western Sydney council voted to remove a same-sex parenting book from its libraries, there have been calls to remove the world’s most popular book about same-sex parenting, The Bible.

Regarded by many experts as the original manual on raising a blended family, The Bible tells the story of a boy raised by two fathers and a surrogate mother in the Middle East.

Critics say it is inappropriate for the book to be shelved in public libraries, given it celebrates non-traditional parenting methods. “It’s completely unsuitable for children,” Sydney resident Graeme Releigh said.

“We don’t need them reading this. Let kids be kids. Let them enjoy reading a book without being exposed to elaborate stories about three-way relationships, babies conceived out of wedlock, kids growing up with two dads and a mum. It’s over the top. We all know that the Gold Standard for a child is to be raised by its two biological parents, so why are we shoving this down kids’ throats?”

Another resident said the book included sexualised content. “It’s obsessed with sex. It’s constantly talking about conception and virginity – kids don’t need to be exposed to that”.

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