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Putin Too Left Wing, Sky News Reports 

Vladimir Putin is losing his grip on power in Russia because he has become obsessed with woke virtue signaling, a panel of Sky News presenters has claimed. 

“This massive shift to the left we’ve seen in Russia over the past decade has left Putin vulnerable to internal attack,” commentator Rowen Dean said. “You look at Russia and its actions over the past few years and the one word that comes to mind is woke”.

The panel agreed that there is literally no other possible explanation for why someone can lose power. “It’s all pretty obvious. I’m certain he’s held an LGBTIQ+ morning tea at the Kremlin in the past few months. I’ve got it on good authority that he has his pronouns on his email signature. Why else would he be failing? There’s simply no other explanation,” Dean said.

Sky commentator Peta Credlin said Putin needed to reconnect with traditional conservative values. “He needs to stop with the lefty agenda and get back to right-of-centre government. Until he can put an end to the drag time story hour at the Kremlin, and connect with ordinary conservatives, he doesn’t have any chance of holding things together”. 

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