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US Navy Now Says ‘Catastrophic Implosion’ May Have Been Victorian Liberal Party

The loud boom that the US Navy detected in the North Atlantic Ocean this week may not have been the OceanGate submersible, but rather the sound of the Victorian Liberal Party collapsing, officials say.

US National Security spokesperson John Kirby said they had adjusted their initial assessment, after reading about the absolute state of the Liberal Party in Victoria. “Given what we know now, with fragments of the Liberal Party now being discovered, we believe it’s more likely that the sound we heard was coming from south-eastern Australia,” he said.

A catastrophic implosion is defined as ‘a sudden inward collapse’, which is consistent with what happened in Victoria. Experts say implosions such as these can occur when people are trying to reach new depths. “They experimented with things like African-gang race baiting a few years back. But in recent times they’ve tried to go even lower – lower than previously thought possible – causing the entire thing to cave in on itself,” John Wayfair, a naval academic at the University of Florida said.

He said that those involved would have been oblivious to the implosion. “The entire thing would have collapsed before the individuals inside would even realise that there was a problem,” he said. He warned that more disasters such as these could occur if there continued to be a race to the bottom.

Rescue teams are now searching for fragments of the Victorian Liberal Party in an attempt to reassemble it.

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