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Dutton Blames By-election Loss on African Gangs

“Liberal voters were too scared to go out to polling booths”

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says the Liberal Party would have easily won Saturday’s by-election in the Melbourne seat of Aston, had African gangs not stopped voters from going out to polling booths.

“People were staying at home with their doors locked. And fair enough too. People in voting lines were being held up at knife point; some were being followed into the voting centres. Apparently you couldn’t even get a sausage in bread without a group of African youths encircling you and stealing your onions. At least that’s what people tell me – I didn’t go to Melbourne myself of course because I’m a massive drag on votes – but it was a terrifying situation by all accounts, ” Mr Dutton said.

He said his claims were not racially motivated. “It’s got nothing to do with skin colour. If there were large groups of white people at polling booths I’d still call it out – although I’d probably call them ‘Liberal Party volunteers’ rather than ‘gangs’.


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