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Mark Latham’s Divorced-dad Energy to Power NSW Grid

The NSW Greens have unveiled their cornerstone policy for the upcoming state election, saying they will harness Mark Latham’s huge divorced-guy energy to power the state completely by 2025.

“It is 100% renewable,” a spokesperson for the party said. “Just when you think it’s running out, a whole new well of pent-up emotion will emerge. Mark will post a picture of himself in Paul Murray’s Sky News ‘man-cave’ and we’ll have enough to keep us going for another 50 years”.

Analysts praised the policy, saying it was a cheap way to access unlimited energy. “ Yes, the emission are toxic, but it never runs out and new sources are being discovered all the time. It’s only a matter of time before Mark posts a Facebook photo of a sad microwave dinner or announces plans to launch his own space program,” one energy expert said.

Latham angrily dismissed the policy as ‘lefty bullshit’ and ‘another example of the woke world gone mad!!!’, generating another 243 billion kilowatt hours of energy.

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