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We’re selling Donald Trump digital trading cards for just $98!

We know Donald loves a good deal, so we’re selling his exclusive, limited edition NFT digital trading cards for just $98. These are exactly the same – like literally 100% identical – to the ones on the official Trump website, but at a special discounted price!   

That’s right MAGA fans, you can get the 100% authentic digital cards featuring images of America’s best president (better than Lincoln and Washington) for $1 less than through official channels! That means if you buy five, you’ll save like $2,000!


Just click on the trading card of your choice below and then transfer us $98 for each image you choose. Or just screen shot it! It’s that easy! Don’t be scammed into buying Trump trading cards for $99. Do your own research and buy with us for less!

Plus, one in every 100 hundred cards includes a classified US Government document, free!


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