Pauline Hanson tells lions to ‘piss off back to Africa’ — The Shovel

Pauline Hanson tells lions to ‘piss off back to Africa’

One Nation Senator Pauline has told Parliament the lions at Taronga zoo can leave if they don’t like it here, offering to personally drive them to the airport herself.

“The attitude of these lions disgusts me,” Pauline Hanson yelled. “They came here, they took every advantage of this country. We gave them free accommodation, free food – a lot of free food. And still they’re not happy.

“They think they can just leave their government-funded housing, wander around Sydney’s suburbs terrorising Australians with their foreign-looking faces and their foreign-sounding roars. Well, I’ve had enough. It’s clear you’re not happy, so pack your bags and piss off back to Africa”.

The controversial senator also said zoos should have an Australian-only policy. “You walk into an Australian zoo these days and all you see is animals from Africa or Asia. It’s unrecognisable. I remember a time when every enclosure had a koala or a kangaroo. That was a better time, believe me”.

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