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Angus Taylor interviews himself

Shadow treasurer Angus Taylor has conducted a hard-hitting one-on-one with Angus Taylor.

In an exclusive interview in Sydney today, Taylor started by asking himself how he would rate his own performance in the new shadow treasury role so far.  

“Well that’s a great question Angus, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer it,” he said. “Look, without wanting to put too much of the focus onto me, I would say that, under pretty trying circumstances, I’ve done a fantastic job to date”.

“Well done Angus”.

“Thank you Angus. It’s a busy job, but in amongst the important work of holding this government to account for the mess it’s got us into over the past two weeks, I’m still managing to find the time to congratulate myself”.

“Good move,” Taylor responded.

Asked what the mood of the electorate was right now, Taylor said, “Great question Angus. It turns out I was out in Western Sydney just today and many, many people came up to me in the street – unprompted – and said, ‘You’ve made a great start Angus, keep going’. And these are real people that I didn’t make up”.

“Would you agree that a federal anti-corruption commission is a waste of taxpayer funds and nothing more than a witch-hunt that will hamper the effectiveness of government?”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself Angus”.

“Thank you Angus” …

At the time of publication the interview was still ongoing.

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