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Increasing Number of Children Don’t Even Realise Christmas is Santa’s Birthday

A growing number of young people have forgotten – or never knew – that the 25th of December commemorates the birth of Santa Clause.

The worrying trend has been blamed on the breakdown of family traditions, with parents not talking to their children about the real meaning of Christmas.

Sociologist Brian Green said it was a reflection of the modern, consumerist world. “In my day, it was something you talked about on Christmas day. We shared the stories of Santa’s birth, how he met his elves, and Rudolf and his sleigh. It was part of the tradition of Christmas. But these days, all kids think about is the commercial aspect,” he said.

Educator Leigh Wellington said the origins of Christmas weren’t even taught in schools anymore. “There’s this sense of political correctness whereby teachers feel they can’t tell the story of the wise men coming to the North Pole to see the baby Santa. It’s a real pity”.

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