Inspired By Pete Evans, We Created Our Own Machine That Cures Coronavirus   — The Shovel

Inspired By Pete Evans, We Created Our Own Machine That Cures Coronavirus  

The coronavirus is affecting a lot of people across the globe right now. While so-called ‘researchers’ are wasting government funds, and precious time, trying to solve the crisis with ‘science’ and ‘evidence’, we’ve used something much more natural – intuition, Google and a much-needed dose of common sense – to develop our own practical solution to COVID-19. And it’s available right now.

The BioLight DragonBlender™ combines the natural healing properties of a colourful soft toy, with the revitalising energies of a Kambrook 600W blender.

It’s so simple to use. First, plug the device into any wall socket. Next, turn the Blender up to a speed that feels comfortable for you and your family. Finally, firmly push down on the Dragon’s tummy. What happens next is a complex combination of lights and sounds that will tap into your inner wellness and rebalance your energies.

By sitting in front of the platform for 30 minutes a day for six years, you will completely eliminate Wuhan Coronavirus.

There are three different songs on the Dragon and four different settings on the Blender, leading to a total of over 200,000 different combinations. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, loss of energy, cancer, fever, an inability to play piano, heart disease, respiratory issues, a lack of understanding about how to open the clothes dryer after its finished, urinary tract infections, autism or coronavirus, this is the machine for you.

The BioLight DragonBlender™ uses materials that you would normally find only in nature or Kmart – polyester, synthetics, plastics and everyday low prices – and it’s completely non-invasive.

What about the price? To buy the components separately yourself would cost around $55. But today only you can buy the BioLight DragonBlender™ for just $25,000. Buy it now. You’ll feel instantly lighter.

Instruction manual sold separately.

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