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Taylor Swift Now 90% of All Global Economic Activity

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The sale of Taylor Swift albums, concert tickets, movies and merchandise now accounts for more than 90% of global economy activity, new analysis shows.

Research by the London School of Economics found that of the US $109 trillion in global GDP in 2023, $102 trillion was related to Taylor Swift.

“Apart from people buying air-fryers or oversized water bottles, there’s really not much else going on, economically speaking,” Economist Ryan Beaumont said. “National governments think they have control over their economies. But in reality, economic activity is determined by whether or not Taylor Swift announces a new album at the Grammys”.

He said the global economy was now basically just Taylor Swift. “If she doesn’t release a new album each year then the international economy will collapse. It’ll be worse than we saw in 2008”.

He warned there was already a risk that we were entering a Taylor Swift bubble. “Realistically, she’ll probably need to release two albums next year in order to maintain GDP growth requirements. Then three, then four. By 2030 we’ll need a new album daily or people will lose their homes”.

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