‘Yes’ Campaign to Start After Referendum, Albanese Confirms — The Shovel

‘Yes’ Campaign to Start After Referendum, Albanese Confirms

Reminding Australians that you don’t want to rush these sorts of things, PM Anthony Albanese has confirmed that the much-anticipated campaign to promote the ‘yes’ side of The Voice debate will begin as soon as people have voted on the issue.

With the ‘No’ campaign entering its eighth month, Albanese urged supporters of The Voice to be patient. “There seems to be this pressure on us to launch a wide-ranging campaign to educate the general public on the benefits of The Voice before they vote on it. But let’s take the time to get the messaging right first, and then go out with a big push, at some point in early 2024”.

He rejected concerns that a 2024 launch date would be too late, given it would be after the referendum. “I think when the vote fails later this year it will be really useful to have a campaign showing people why they should’ve voted differently”.

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