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Voice Compromise: Dutton Proposes “Indigenous Fax Line to Parliament”

Peter Dutton has reiterated his opposition to the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, but says his party is willing to support a dedicated fax line that would accept submissions on Indigenous matters.


Under the proposal, a fax machine would be set up in an unused storeroom in Parliament House which people could fax ideas to between 10am and 3pm on Tuesdays.


“Whenever there’s an issue being debated in Parliament that may affect Indigenous Australians, we’ll try to remember to check if any faxes have come through,” Dutton said.


“The fax might need to share a phone line with the modem that’s in the storeroom at the moment, and I can’t guarantee it’ll always be full of paper. But otherwise it will be a dedicated communication point for Indigenous issues. I think this is a generous, sensible way to include First Australians in our national Parliament”.


He said he would also be open to a PO Box as an alternative to the Voice.

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