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“Greens haven’t been influenced by bikie gangs”, insists Adam ‘Mad Dog’ Bandt

Suggestions that the Greens have been compromised by Lidia Thorpe’s relationship with a former Rebels bikie gang boss are ‘totally untrue’, according to party leader Adam Bandt, who said he was to be referred to as ‘Mad Dog’ from now on.

In a heated media conference, a leather-clad Bandt strongly rejected claims of any infiltration in the party, saying he had full confidence in his team, including his chief of staff Joe Knuckles.

“I had a long conversation with Knuckles, as well as party secretary Tommy ‘The Hammer’ Thompson this morning, and both have assured me that there’s no sign of any influence from the Rebels motorcycle club, or any other club for that matter”.

He said he was confident Greens members would support him, reminding them that a Greens membership was ‘for life’.

After taking several questions on the issue, Bandt said it was time to move on and instead focus on his party’s new policy of tax incentives for 500cc motorcycles.

When one journalist tried to return to the topic of bikie gangs, Bandt flicked his cigarette butt at the journalist’s chest before referring any further questions to his assistant, Jimmy The Brick, and walking off.

Headline by Chris Auld @DamnYouChrisA

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