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Australia Post CEO Says Cartier Watches Were Posted In May, But Haven’t Arrived Yet

"The quickest way to get a parcel from Melbourne CBD to Carlton is via Brisbane"

Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has told a Senate hearing the Cartier watches she bought for senior executives as a bonus were actually posted in May and should arrive soon.

Under examination from the Senates Estimate Committee, Ms Holgate said she was initially told the watches had been left in a safe place, but had since been made aware that they were returned to a local Post Office in inner Melbourne and then subsequently sent to a depot in Queensland.

“We find the most efficient way to get a parcel from the Melbourne CBD to Carlton North is via Brisbane,” she said.

Ms Holgate said the executives would have received a card saying their gifts had been returned to the nearest Post Office. “They would have then had forty-three minutes to pick them up, before they were returned to the depot. The good news is, I’m told they will be re-delivered and will be arriving at some point between 25th October and 28th December”.


By Sarah Yates

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