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Trump Named Time Magazine’s ‘Toddler of the Year’

Donald Trump has been named the most influential little boy in the world.

After a misunderstanding yesterday, when Trump tweeted that he had been offered the ‘person of the year’ title, Time magazine clarified that it had in fact awarded him the toddler award.

“We reserve the ‘person of the year’ title for adults. But Donald was at the top of the list of toddlers,” a spokesperson for the magazine said.

“He’s a bundle of energy and, like a lot of little boys, he makes up some funny stories. He’s great,” she said.

She conceded he could be difficult sometimes. “He does throw tantrums a lot, and he doesn’t like being teased – but let’s not forget he is only 71”.

At a ceremony to announce the award, Mr Trump – who cried after missing out last year – said it was ‘just great, really great’ to be on the list and said he would bash anyone who made fun of his hands.

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