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New ‘Real Café™’ Nespresso Machine Comes With Beard

Billed as “the closest thing to actually being in a café”, the new Nespresso coffee pod machine comes with bushy facial hair and silently judges your taste in coffee.

“It’s like having a barista in your kitchen,” a spokesperson for Nespresso said at the launch today.

As part of a range of upgrades to deliver a more ‘realistic café experience’, the new machine subtly rolls its eyes when you ask it to make a cappuccino and now has two milk heat settings: ’63 degrees’ and ‘fine, if you want your milk burnt’.

The new machine also has a multi-function setting that allows it to focus on a cool underground creative project when it’s not making coffee.

Real Café Nespresso machines will be available from next week in a range of colours that you probably haven’t heard of yet.

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