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Facebook Announces New ‘Boring’ Tag For Boring News Feed Items

Facebook will begin the introduction of a ‘boring’ tag to help users distinguish between items on their newsfeeds that are genuinely interesting and those that are self-indulgent, mind-numbingly tedious drivel.

Stories and status updates will be marked with the tag [boring] at the top of the post.

A spokesperson for Facebook said the initiative was in response to feedback from users who said they were often tricked into clicking on a friend’s holiday snaps, only to find that it was a 100 pictures of a wine glass, a pair of legs and an indistinct beach.

“Stories about your friend’s baby can be interesting. But not when it’s about what they ate for lunch,” she explained. “This new tag will help you quickly distinguish the good from the bad”.

It follows other recent tag initiatives, announced by Facebook this week.

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