Melbourne Demons To “Start Rebuilding For 2015”: Roos — The Shovel

Melbourne Demons To “Start Rebuilding For 2015”: Roos

Paul Roos, coach of AFL side Melbourne, says his side will use the last 20 games of the season as an opportunity to blood some younger players and experiment with new game plans.

Roos, who took over the reins at the club this year, said it was time to accept that 2014 was over and shift the focus to next year’s chances. “We’re firmly focused on 2015,” he said.

Roos said experimenting with untested players may come at the cost of winning games, but it was a price worth paying.

“We’re always looking to the future at Melbourne and we’ve never let winning games get in the way of our vision. This as a great opportunity to get things right for next year and that’s why I’ve told the boys that 2015 starts now. They’re totally focused on that. Our fans have a lot to look forward to”.

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