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‘Strategic’ And ‘Innovative’ To Be Part Of All Mission Statements By 2020

A leading marketing body has called for all company mission statements to include the words ‘strategic’, ‘innovative’ and ‘solutions’ within six years.

While some have called the target ambitious, Marketing Association President Scott Pribus said most organisations were already compliant with the policy.

“This is all about aligning late adopters around this strategy moving forward,” Mr Pribus said this morning.

Mr Pribus said while the Association had earmarked ‘strategic’, ‘innovative’ and ‘solutions’ as the three key drivers for mission-statement success, in future he would like to see the policy expanded to mandate the inclusion of ‘outcomes-focused’, ‘fun’ and ‘creative’.

The small number of companies that don’t currently have the three cornerstone words in their mission statement have been encouraged to organise brainstorming sessions for the coming months.

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