Julian Assange Speaks of 'Terrible Ordeal’ – “I Had to Spend 36 Hours on a Flight Next to Kevin Rudd” — The Shovel

Julian Assange Speaks of ‘Terrible Ordeal’ – “I Had to Spend 36 Hours on a Flight Next to Kevin Rudd”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has spoken for the first time about the torment of being trapped in a confined space next to Australia’s 26th Prime Minister, saying it almost certainly breached the Geneva Convention.

Speaking to the media today, Assange said the ordeal had left him exhausted, mentally drained and strangely familiar with Australian fiscal policy between 2007-2009.

“I’ve been through a lot these past 14 years. But having to listen to Kevin talk non-stop about himself for the best part of two days while confined to a small aeroplane had me at my breaking point. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,” he said.

Assange described the flight as a form of torture that may have breached global charters. “There are only so many deep-dives into the  geo-political consequences of 19th Century America foreign policy that one man can take.

“At one point he started recounting the history of Australia-Chinese relations between 1901 and 1972, translating key facts into Mandarin for his own benefit, and into Australian slang for the ‘imaginary electorate’s’ benefit as he went. It was excruciating.

“Eventually I asked if they could turn the plane around and send me back to Belmarsh. But Kevin said that wasn’t possible, or Zhè shì bù kěnéng de in Mandarin.

Assange said thankfully Rudd did not dwell on his vendetta with Julia Gillard. “He only mentioned being brutally stabbed in the back by Gillard forty or fifty times. So I think he’s moved on from that”.

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