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Julian Assange Leaks Full Details of Peter Dutton’s Nuclear Power Plan

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Within hours of gaining his freedom, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has returned to his old antics, releasing the full trove of information behind the Coalition’s plan to build nuclear power in Australia.

The information dump contains all of the Coalition analysis on costings, the full transcripts from community consultation, as well as the complete records of every meeting that has taken place with State Governments about placing nuclear reactors in their jurisdictions.

Experts say the leak appears to be comprehensive. “Every meeting, every study undertaken, all the cost-benefit analysis work – it’s all in there,” nuclear expert Chris Hirst said.

“All of the assumptions that were used to create the proposed rollout timeline are in there. All of the thinking behind how they would purchase the locations, currently owned by coal mining companies, is there. All of the detail about where the waste would be stored is there as well. Nothing has been left out”.

Peter Dutton was said to be furious about the leak, claiming it doesn’t just expose confidential information about the nuclear plan, but reveals his philosophy for policy creation in general. “My entire political framework – which was meant to be private – is now on display for everyone to see,” he fumed to colleagues.

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