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Nationals to Cap Amount of Sunlight

The National Party will push for a 3-hour-a-day limit on sunlight if elected, with similar restrictions to be considered for the amount of allowable daily wind.

Nationals leader David Littleproud said sunlight was an obsession of left-wing inner-city elites, but did not reflect the desires of mainstream Australians.

“Allowing the sun to shine all day is inefficient and wasteful – the vast majority of the heat is lost – and ordinary Australians don’t need it anyway. So we’re going to put a cap on it,” Littleproud explained.

“Three hours of sunshine a day is more than enough. If you need more heating or lighting than that then we’ve got a perfectly good, abundant natural resource already in place – it’s called coal. It’s cheap, it’s effective and it provides fantastic donations to political parties like mine. The sun hasn’t contributed a cent”.

He said the proposal simply reflected the needs of the electorate. “Sunlight might be trendy in Fitzroy and Darlinghurst. But I can tell you, around the dinner tables in ordinary Australian households they’re not talking about the scientific formulations of sunshine”.

Under the proposed plan wind would not be allowed at all, except when required to assist in speeding up flights to the Gold Coast to buy investment properties.

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