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US Concerned That Weapons Sold to Kill People Are Being Used to Kill People

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The Biden Administration called an emergency meeting this morning after it learnt that the state-of-the-art weaponry it has been selling to Israel for the past half century is being deployed for its intended use.

A White House spokesperson expressed ‘strong concern’ for the situation in Gaza, saying Israel had crossed a line.

“When we sold Israel these missiles we had no idea that they intended to actually use them. We thought they were just collecting them as a hobby, or melting them down and turning them into jewellery or something” a White House spokesperson said today.

“We’re been shocked to see our missiles used in Gaza and so our message to Israel today is very clear: stop using our weapons but keep buying them please”.

The White House said the situation in Gaza risked escalating out of control. “To see that these missiles, which are designed specifically to destroy buildings and kill people, are being used to destroy buildings and kill people, is concerning to say the least.

“We’re all seeing these images of flattened cities and displaced civilians, and we’re thinking, ‘Where the hell did they get the ammunition to do that?’ And, ‘Do you want to order some more?’'”

A defence industry spokesperson agreed Israel had gone too far. “By all means buy our killing equipment to help prop up our military industry, but not if you are going to actually use it. It’s very bad for optics.

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