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Peter Dutton Stubs Toe, Compares It to 9/11

Peter Dutton has stubbed his toe while walking to the kitchen at his family home, immediately drawing parallels to the pain and suffering felt by victims of the Twin Towers attacks of September 2001.

It comes after he compared last October’s pro-Palestine rally at the Sydney Opera House to the Port Arthur Massacre.

In a statement to media, Dutton said his stubbed toe – which he referred to as ‘the events of April 11’ – was a significant moment that would be seared into the Australian psyche.

“While no one was killed during the events of April 11, it was akin to 9/11 in terms of its social significance,” he said.

Earlier he compared a minor disagreement with a motorist over who had right of way as ‘My Battle of the Somme’.

The Opposition Leader also took the opportunity to express his concern that school children were not being taught enough about the cultural significance of his stubbed toe. “Teachers are choosing to totally disregard this event, as if it never happened. We need to get back to a curriculum that teaches Australian kids about the significant moments in our history, such as this” he said.

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