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Channel 7 Launches New Reality Show: ‘Expenses’

A new reality offering from the Seven Network will see a group of contestants compete to see who can rack up the most spending on a company credit card in under 24 hours.

The exciting new format, which will feature exclusively white male contestants, will be must-watch television, according to the network. “It’s going to be edge-of-the-seat viewing,” a Seven spokesperson said.

“One guy’s frantically buying flights and accommodation, someone else is racking up special massages, a third bloke is tucking into $3,000 steaks. The clock is ticking … who’s going to have the biggest bill at the end? You’ll have to tune in to see.”

Part of the fun of the show will be in seeing how the contestants choose to label their expenses. “It all has to be above board of course. So if your expense claim says ‘sex worker’ then you’ll be disqualified, obviously, that’s smutty. But if it says ‘pre-production expenses’ you’re good to go. So there’s quite an element of skill required in this as well,” the spokesperson said.

Expenses starts Monday 7:30pm.

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