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Stanley Releases New Must-Have 250-Litre Water Bottle

Dubbed the must-have accessory of 2024, water bottle company Stanley has announced a handy new 250-litre bottle which it says sets a new standard for modern hydration.

“We know that having an insane amount of water available at all times is so important in today’s modern world,” company spokesperson Jessica Farley said. “One of the things about urban lifestyles these days is you can go minutes without being near a water source to fill up. So it’s important to have a fortnight’s worth of hydration to hand at any given moment”.

She said the new Stanley 250 is as versatile as it is fashionable. “It’s great for the gym, for the office, or if you need to put out a fire and the fire hydrant’s not working. There’s also enough water in there to run yourself a bath at the end of a busy day”.

At just over a metre high and weighing in at around 260kg when full, Farley said the new bottle is perfect for life on the go. “You might need to book it its own seat when you fly, but otherwise you’ll hardly notice it’s with you”.

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