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Kate Is AI Generated, Palace Admits

Kate Middleton does not actually exist and was digitally created in 2001 using early AI technology, Buckingham Palaces has confirmed.

In a statement released today, The Palace said Kate was first invented to keep Prince William company and soon became a permanent fixture.

“We haven’t had a good track record of keeping princesses over the years, so we thought creating a digital princess might give us more success. It’s a lot harder to ask for a divorce or escape to Los Angeles if you’re just a collection of pixels. It was actually the Queen’s idea,” the statement said.

Graphics expert Jeremy Holder said there had been tell-tale signs for years that Kate may not be real. “If you look closely at the pictures, she seemed to enjoy being in the Royal Family, which was a giveaway that she wasn’t real. She also laughed at William’s jokes which is another obvious sign she is a simulation”.

The Palace said Kate had been missing from public view since December because the Palace’s subscription to ChatGPT Image Generator expired. “She’ll be back after Easter once we’ve paid the monthly fee again”.

A spokesperson said that Kate was the only fictional member of the Royal Family. “Unfortunately Prince Andrew is very much real”.

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