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Taylor Swift Unveils New Outfit for Sydney Shows

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour heads to Sydney this Friday with the singer set to reveal a stunning new set of outfits for the asbestos-ridden city.

Insiders say Swift will take to the stage in a figure-hugging hazmat suit for the first part of the concert, before changing into dazzling sequined polypropylene coveralls as the show progresses. Throughout the show, Swift will also wear a series of purpose-designed full face silicone respirators, each one representing a different era of her career.

Swift’s promotors say audiences will hardly notice any difference. “There may be some slight rasping noises as Taylor comes to terms with her breathing apparatus, but we don’t think it’ll affect the show,” a spokesperson said.

Sydney Swifties say they are excited to see their hero on stage in her new costumes. “Oh my god I can’t wait to hear her do Blank Space while wearing a breathing apparatus,” one fan said.


Image by Chris Murray

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