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Christmas Uniforms Not Humiliating Enough, Retail Workers Say


As retail assistants around the country look forward to another festive season, many say their employers are not giving them enough opportunities to look like a total dick.

Lillian White, who will this year work her fourth Christmas season at the local supermarket, said wearing furry reindeer ears and a shiny nose last year looked great, but believes her boss missed an opportunity to push the festive theme further.

“It’s a self esteem thing. When I’m wearing a Santa hat or I’m dressed as an elf, I feel confident and in control. So I’d certainly support going further”.

Ms White says her co-workers have been throwing around a few ideas. “Singing Christmas carols while we scan grocery items is one idea that’s come up. But I really think shoppers want more Christmas spirit than that. My vision is for a full-scale re-enactment of the nativity with every purchase”.

Jean Forchester, a regular grocery shopper, agreed more could be done in retail outlets. “When checkout operators come to work without a novelty hat, or just wearing a token piece of tinsel, it feels forced. Sometimes I wonder if the shops even know it’s Christmas”.


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