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Trick or Treater in Tears After Peter Dutton Demands More Detail

Brisbane 4 year-old Chloe Coleman hit an unexpected roadblock in her trick-or-treating when local homeowner Peter Dutton demanded she provide a full account of exactly what treats she felt entitled to and the types of tricks she might deliver, should he choose that option.

“Look, it’s all well and good to come to my house dressed up as a goblin or a witch saying ‘trick or treat’. But if you’re going to make those sorts of demands, then it’s only reasonable that I ask for a comprehensive description of how the trick will unfold,” Dutton told Chloe, as tears began to well in her eyes.

“Will you be pulling a scary face? Will you be subjecting me to a spooky story? Do you have a fake eye that pops out on a spring? These are the sorts of details I need upfront before deciding whether to say ‘trick’ or ‘treat,” he told the pre-schooler.

“You are doing nothing but creating division and disunity by knocking on doors without a clear plan for your tricks. And in any case, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of institutions already in place that provide treats for children like yourself, without the Australian taxpayer having to reach into their pockets once again”.

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