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Albanese To Abstain On Trick or Treat Question


The Prime Minister has alerted local trick or treaters that he will be endorsing neither tricks nor treats this Halloween and will instead abstain from taking part in the festivities.

“It’s a complex issue,” he told pre-schooler Harry Rento. “There are passionate arguments on both sides, and I have taken them into account when considering your proposition. But while I agree with the central proposition that young children enjoy treats, and homeowners dislike tricks, it is not as simple as that.

“Firstly, where does Joe Biden stand on tricks or treats? I can’t be making a decision on something such as this without considering the impact on the relationship with our key ally. Secondly, what parts of the community will I ostracise if I endorse giving out treats? The optics of my choice need to be considered within that context,” he said.

The PM said he would not be taking further questions on the issue. “I believe there are important omissions from your statement, and until such time as they are rectified, I will not be voting in either direction”.

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