“We Beat the Elites!” Gina Rinehart Cries, Popping Bottle of 1961 Dom Pérignon — The Shovel

“We Beat the Elites!” Gina Rinehart Cries, Popping Bottle of 1961 Dom Pérignon

Billionaire Gina Rinehart has flown into Brisbane on her private jet to commemorate an historic victory over the elitist Yes campaign.

Declaring the Dom Perignon and caviar was on her, Rinehart told a crowd of business executives and political leaders that this was a victory for the ordinary battler.

“It was just regular, everyday folk like me up against the top echelons of society, which is why I wanted to be a part of the campaign,” she said.

“Like Rupert said to me when he called from his penthouse suite earlier today, we really showed those upper-classes”.

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