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A Simple Way to Understand The Voice To Parliament

We get it. The Indigenous Voice to Parliament can be a tricky beast to get your head around. So much detail! (But also, not enough detail!) Too radical! (But also, ‘It’s not going to change anything so what’s the point?’)

The problem is, no-one has explained The Voice to Peter Dutton in a way he can understand. Quite simply, The Voice is a dedicated body that exists to help shape government policy. Like News Corp, but for Indigenous Australians.

They are so similar. Two bodies, funded by taxpayers, advising the Government on how to make conditions better for them. It really is the same thing.

Well, except for the fact that Australians don’t get to vote on the News Corp Voice to Parliament. And the fact that representations from the News Corp Voice to Government are done in secret, whereas the Indigenous one would be open. But apart from that.

Oh, and News Corp is a foreign entity, whereas the Indigenous Voice obviously isn’t. And News Corp has former members of political parties working for it, so it could be said to have undue influence.  But you get the idea.

So there you have it. Vote Yes for the Voice Pete, and you’ll be able to leak stories to the Indigenous Voice in return for favourable coverage. Oh actually …

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