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Victorians Endure Final Day Living in Brutal Dictatorship

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People in Melbourne have gathered in bars, cafes and restaurants across the city to be oppressed for one final time before they are freed from a ruthless regime that has ruled over them for almost a decade.

Walking through the city while being forced to enjoy a range of shopping and eating options, Melburnian Tim Samson said he was looking forward to finally having his freedom back. “I might go to the football or an art gallery or a musical this weekend. But then I did that last weekend, so I’m not really sure how to celebrate,” he said.

Tourists visiting the city from Iran said they had travelled to Melbourne to experience what a real dictatorship was like. “It’s fascinating. There’s this real overbearing sense of being able to do what you want, which is quite stifling,” one said. “It’s certainly different from back home”.

Brave freedom protesters said they would spend a final day at Parliament House calling for the end to the regime, before doing it all again tomorrow anyway.

The dictator will voluntarily step aside at the end of the day, in what has been described as a classic dictator move.


Headline by Anthony Bell

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