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Shopping at Coles & Woolies These Days

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock

A Melbourne woman has gone all-out for her trip to the shops this week, dressing up to impress the estimated 70 cameras waiting for her at her local Woolworths.

With news that Australian supermarkets now have more cameras than a Hollywood red carpet in awards season, Sara Price, 28, said she wanted to make an impression.

“It’s like being followed by the paparazzi in there,” she said of her trip to Woolies Essendon. “You go to put a few potatoes in your basket – snap, snap. You scan a bottle of milk at the checkout – snap, snap. It’s relentless.

“So you need to look good – the last thing you want is a photo of you in your uggboots and stained t-shirt on the front page of the Woolworths Security Weekly Report”.

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