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New Premium Qantas Service to Include Flight

National carrier Qantas has announced a special new top-end fare that will allow customers to enjoy a flight on an aeroplane with every flight purchased. It represents a step-up from standard Qantas fares, which include a flight confirmation email, but not the flight itself.

CEO Alan Joyce said as the premium carrier in the market, Qantas was always looking for new ways to delight its customers. “We thought about different ways we can add value to the Qantas experience – a free snack, an extra luggage allowance ­­– and then we had this idea of including an airline flight. It was quite a breakthrough moment,” he said.

Customer services manager Elise Samadas said the new service was the result of extensive research. “We asked customers what they really want out of a flight, and being flown to their destination was right up at the top of the list, which surprised us,” she said.

Joyce said they were well set up to offer the service, given they already had aeroplanes. “I’ve always wondered why we had all of these aeroplanes, and now it just seems to make so much sense,” he said.

The new ‘Flying-Class’ fares will come at a premium cost, to reflect the extra service. Customers can choose to upgrade further, by having their baggage flown to the same destination as them.

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